Alicia Keys has a powerful message regarding the global refugee crisis in her latest video, "Let Me In" which features her single, "Hallelujah."

The video, which was released on World Refugee Day, features Keys and her fictional family of two children sitting around the dinner table to talk about her daughter's "bestie" and their day-to-day life. But things are suddenly interrupted; as her home becomes a war zone and the three have to flee. "We have to get out of L.A.," Keys urgently tells her daughter.

The Johnathan Oliger-directed video continues to show Keys and her children attempting to get on a boat to safety. But Keys and her daughter are separated as they're surrounded by a mass group of people who are also attempting to leave the war torn California. They go their separate ways -- the daughter (Naliyah Vega) makes her way through the desert towards Mexico while Keys goes on the boat into the abyss.

It's unknown whether they reunite.

Afterwards, a message appears on the screen. "There are more refugees in the world today than at any point in history. And more than half of them are children," it reads. "We demand our governments act with love."

The video then encourages viewers to head to to learn how to get involved with the global crisis.

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