In commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of her debut album, 'Songs in A Minor,' Alicia Keys is releasing an accompanying documentary, giving fans an inside look into her creative process.

Keys dropped a snippet of the documentary in which she and industry insiders like her longtime producing partner Kerry "Krucial" Brothers and J Records labelhead Clive Davis, break down how the iconic album came about. "'Songs in A Minor' ended up being recorded in a bedroom," Keys recalls. "They assumed that because I was a girl, I didn't know what I wanted."

Following her gut proved to be profitable as the album introduced a new sound to an industry filled with cookie-cutter traditional R&B acts, making Keys, her cornrows and signature piano stand out among her peers. "It was such an avalanche of events that happened immediately," she reveals in the doc. "Alicia was somewhere over here but I never caught up with myself."

The album went on to sell 6 million copies in the U.S,. catapulting the then-19-year-old into the spotlight, and garnering her numerous accolades, including five Grammy awards, which she won in one night. "My goal was to make people love me," Keys admits.

Since then the New York native has released three more top-selling albums and sold over 20 million records worldwide. She has also used her notoriety to bring awareness to countless issues, most notably working with the Keep A Child Alive organization, which provides medicine to families suffering from HIV and AIDS in Africa.

The 10th anniversary deluxe edition of 'Songs In A Minor' will be released June 28. To celebrate the accomplishment, the BoomBox is inviting readers to share their most memorable moments hearing Alicia Keys' famed album.

Watch Alicia Keys' 'Songs in A Minor' Documentary

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