Alicia Keys is the new Creative Director for Blackberry. You know that already.

But maybe you don't know just how much work goes into creating Alicia Keys. The people, places and things that inspire her. And just how she goes about putting it all together to turn out something truly amazing for her fans.

To that end, she's starring in a short two-part docu-series called "Keep Moving," which details the aforementioned as well as how she's attacking her Set The World on Fire tour.

Also, she discusses her plans for incorporating you -- yes you, reading this -- into her stage show. You can upload photos of yourself to and she'll be performing a special song each night wherein the photos are incorporated into a unique and exclusive music video.

You can check out what one of the videos looks like here. Pretty awesome.

Check back next week for Part 2.

Watch Alicia Keys "Keep Moving" Part 1 Video