To celebrate the release of clothing designer Dr. Romanelli’s Coca-Cola inspired clothing line, producer Alchemist created a commercial-sampling beat mix called 'Diagnosis.'

The 8-minute mix boasts a collage of Coca-Cola commercial sound bites throughout the years over some head-nodding instrumentals. After the three-minute mark, Action Bronson comes in dropping a slaphappy verse over a piano-driven beat.

"Catch me at the mall with your dame / But nah, I ain’t buying s—-, she’s tricking / Five pairs of all white Airs and some Scotty Pippen’s," raps Bam Bam.

He later drops this witty punchline, "I pregame before the pregame / I let my chicken go / Give her free range."

The Alchemist ends the mix with the hilarious segment from Eddie Murphy's 'Raw,' in which Bill Cosby, who used to rep for Coke, chastising the comedian for using profanity during his shows.

Go get your Coke fix. While you’re at it, peep our list of 20 of Alchemist best beats (2008-2013).

Listen to Alchemist's Mix 'Diagnosis' Feat. Action Bronson