Akon has just signed the next big thing. He's a lot like the last big thing, literally, kind of. "I just signed a kid named Jeffree Star. He will be the next biggest thing," Akon explained. "To me he's like the male version of Gaga in the aspect of you have to see it to understand it..he's literally that. You can't critique it, you gotta just let it be." We're gonna go ahead and disagree. [HipHopDX]

In a recent vlog, Jermaine Dupri brought hip hop's ageism to light. "What age do you want a n--ga to be in rap?" JD began. "Y'all be dissin Jay-Z 'cause he a little older in rap, then y'all diss Bow Wow 'cause he's too young...N--gas be dissin' Bow Wow, keeping him outta s--t, saying that he's not eligible, meanwhile he's beatin' n--ga's a-s's that y'all niggas really like. And then Jay-Z is flooring every other n--ga that y'all like at his age. So what age bracket do y'all want n--gas to be, cause I'm f--ked up at this point right now." Pretty sure no one's mad at Bow Wow because of his age. Otherwise, a very important question. [LivingTheLife]