Instrumental in the creation of hip-hop, Afrika Bambaataa is spending these days working on a new album and creating music for EA Sports video games: FIFA Streets 3, Fight Night and NBA Live Sports.

"I really don't play too much video games, but I like the music," Bambaataa said with a laugh. "I hear people playing games and I say, 'Oh, what's that? I gotta get that.' Then you gotta track it down. Maybe they don't have it as a record though. But right now, we're just doing some more music, doing stuff for video games and doing other soundtracks for other people in other countries."

Bambaataa is also preparing to record a new album, his first since 2006's "Death Mix '2'. " He has been spending his time writing.

"I write when I'm inspired or when I have to, if there's a middle ground," Bambaataa said. "You could write when you're feeling it, or when you're traveling or when you see something. You may hear a sound and you just start thinking about it. Or you write when you're someplace like a studio and you have to write. You gotta feel the vibrations though. It's always best to write beforehand."

Next month, Bambaataa will make a special appearance at Detroit's Movement 2009 electronic music festival as a DJ. He said he will spin what makes the masses feel good.

"It's good to play anything that has electro-funk or techno or whatever thousands of categories of names they like to call things," Bambaataa said about the festival. "I'll play whatever's funky that makes the people move. It depends on the vibrations I see that makes people happening. But let them know we don't want no wallflowers. We want people to get down and enjoy themselves. There's too much chaos in the world today. When you get to the festival, just let it all go and party."

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