Adele wowed audiences with a moving live performance of "Million Years Ago," from her latest album, 25, as a part of the Today show's Citi Concert Series on Wednesday morning (Nov. 25).

Afterwards Today host Matt Lauer told the British singer that it was probably the first time they had to set a limit for the amount of people to be inside the studio to see a performance. He also asked whether streaming for 25 is in the future which she replied with "Yeah, probably."

Before her performance, the 27-year-old also sat down with Lauer for an interview where they discussed her monumental success since her return. Adele has sold over two million copies of 25, breaking the single-week U.S. album sales record formerly held by NSYNC's No Strings Attached. She also spoke about how a fond memory inspired "Million Years Ago."

"There used to be a park in South London that me and my friends used to go to all the time. And we'd just hang out and chat about everything, big things and small things and flippant things and stuff like that," she said. "And I drove past it -- months ago now -- and I just burst into tears because none of us were there and it wasn't just me that couldn't be there, none of us could be there cause we all have lives and we're all adults now."

Fans can also catch Adele's full concert special, Adele Live In New York City, when it airs via NBC on Dec. 14 at 10PM ET.

Watch Adele's Interview With Matt Lauer on Today Show

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