As Adele’s new album, 25, is set to break a first-week sales record, the British songbird appeared on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest over the weekend. During her visit, she delivered heart-warming renditions of “Hello” and “When We Were Young.”

Dressed in a simple ball gown, Adele performed a flawless rendition of her chart-topping hit ballad. And yes, it still gives us feels. It’s amazing how a beautifully-written song still touches the heart no matter how many times you hear it.

For her second performance, the 27-year-old singer performed the LP’s second single, “When We Were Young.” Again, Adele delivers a spot-on performance.

Can she do no wrong?

Later, Adele saves Thanksgiving in a funny SNL skit titled “A Thanksgiving Miracle.” While she doesn’t appear in the sketch, her tear-inducing ballad is used.

The skit involves the SNL cast as they play a family with very different opinions at the dinner table enjoying their meal. The family members get into a heated discussion about ISIS, Black Lives Matter, Ben Carson, among other hot-button topics.

Just when you think a fight is about to break out, Adele’s “Hello” comes on and the family gathers together for a joyous sing-along. All of the family members embrace each other and when the song is over, a little girl turns to the camera and says, "Thanks Adele."

Yes, Adele. Thank you.

Watch all of Adele’s performances above and below.

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