Adam Yauch, also known as the great MCA of the Beastie Boys, seems to have improved quite a bit since announcing that he had cancer last July, but that doesn't mean that all cancer cells have been destroyed across the world. Apparently, that's his next project. In an email sent to the Beastie Boys mailing list this morning (April 20), Yauch, a well-known Buddhist with many ties to Tibet, proposed a viral meditation technique with a focus on taming cancer cells.

"Wanted to send this out to you guys in case you were into it, or wanted to give it to anyone who you think might be," he wrote. "A few friends and I are meditating at the same time twice a day. 9:30AM and 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time, for about an hour and half. We are picturing smashing apart all of the cancer cells in the world."

He explains that the group is already focusing on taking away the energy from cancer and sending it back as lightening bolts that break apart DNA and RNA of the cells. He claims that if participants take the time out and really focus, then the collective mind over matter effect could create a positive effect on the world. Yes, it's a little mystical for most, but who can go against reflecting on positivity and trying to putting out good vibes?

Yauch continued, "If you prefer to sit then sit, but if you are not used to meditating or sitting quietly doesn't sound like fun, put on some music and dance while you do the visualization. And if you want to do it at some other time, or picture curing some other illness that's fine, too."