Azealia Banks name is a mainstay in the press, but usually more for her antics than her actual music. This week, the Harlem-bred artist fired scathing shots at polarizing pop darling Iggy Azalea. Well, Iggy didn't decide to sit this one out, responding to Banks' criticism via Twitter. And just when we thought that spat was over, the plot has just thickened.

Being that Twitter is open range for any and everyone to put their two cents in, a fan decided to do just that, agreeing with Banks disses against Azalea. The fan tweeted her the question: "What about white people who can rap (@ActionBronson & @YourOldDroog for ex?)."

After seeing the tweet -- and most likely taking it out of context -- Action Bronson replied back to the tweet in question. "DONT EVER IN LIFES HISTORY MENTION MY NAME IN A SLANDEROUS MANNNER. @bekushner @AZEALIABANKS @IGGYAZALEA," he replied.

Banks then explained that she never actually dissed him -- but not without going on to do just that, mentioning the flack Bronson gets from some for his Ghostface Killah-esque rap style and vocal tone.

What transpired from there is a classic Twitter war between the prominent artists for all to see. Banks took aim at the Queens, N.Y. MC for his weight ("you'll be dead of heart attack and diabetes in a year if you don't slow down fatty cakes") while Bronson attacked her facial features ("HAAHAHA HORSE MOUTH HAHAHA THATS WHY U ALWAYS TALKING SO MUCH S---.").

Grab some popcorn and check out the play-by-play below.

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