With the Internet going nuts over Kanye West and Jay-Z's mega-hyped 'Watch the Throne' album, one former Jay-Z producer has revealed that he is not a fan.

Early Monday morning (August 8), North Carolina producer 9th Wonder, who collaborated with Jay on 'Threat,' from his 2003 record 'The Black Album,' candidly tweeted his thoughts about the highly-anticipated album, concluding that it is simply "not for me."

"Lemme tell yall something, I am not a follower, never will be, if something is dope, cool, if not, then cool, but I don't follow," 9th wrote to his more than 100,000 followers. "WTT as a whole is not for me ... I understand expansion/experimentation in music, but its not for me. As a musician/beatmaker/active participant in hip-hop, I want to be SCARED when I hear something, like when I heard Aquemini."

The former Little Brother producer's opinion caught some flak on Twitter, however, when 'Watch the Throne' fans began to criticize 9th for being a "hater."

"We just gotta know the difference between hate, and a discussion of an opinion," 9th responded. "I said 'the joint wasn't for ME' ... reading is fundamental. State of the World ... and Twitter, I get more mentions about opinions on an album, than I do about teaching the youth."

On Monday morning, longtime Jay-Z collaborators Young Guru and Just Blaze weighed in, defending 9th's right to his opinion. "I'm going to say this once. Let my man @9thWonderMusic have his opinion," Young Guru tweeted. "You can disagree with him but don't come out ya mouth sideways."

9th Wonder recently contributed several beats to Chris Brown's 'Boy in Detention' mixtape. Meanwhile, check out Kanye West and Jay-Z's 'Watch the Throne, which was released on iTunes at midnight Sunday night.