If you ever thought that Kanye West’s life was like a video game –– full of twists and turns and crazy obstacles –– then check out this hip-hop-inspired 8-bit game that helps Yeezy  –– or in this Lil ‘Ye ––navigate through tweets and evil monsters.

Created by illustrator Ali Graham, who's famous for his JAY-Z "99 Problems" illustrations, the 2D game features Lil Ye jumping up on platforms collecting coins while dodging gold-diggers, ghosts and what appears to be a Twitter monster. The video game is currently in demo mode, and it features references to some of West’s songs and a few of his friends.

Graham would like to develop it into a free full-fledged online game,  but he needs your help. He is seeking out donations through a Kickstarter campaign. For more information, head over to lil-ye.com.

Meanwhile, West recently shared lyric videos for “Violent Crimes” and “All Mine,” both of which appear on his latest project Ye. The lyric clips feature the same Wyoming mountains seen on the album cover with the verses written out in the scribbly green text used on the artwork.

The next Kanye West-produced project will be Teyana Talyor's solo album, which is scheduled to drop on Friday (June 22).

Watch Lil Ye Land Kickstarter Video

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