After several album delays and endless speculation, 'Two Turntables and a Microphone: The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay,' an 85-minute documentary about the late Run-D.M.C. DJ, will be released in conjunction with 50 Cent's upcoming album 'Before I Self Destruct.'

50's decision to release the documentary along with his album and new film, both titled 'Before I Self Destruct,' is his attempt to pay homage to the hip-hop pioneer, who was his mentor for many years. Oct. 30 will mark seven years since the iconic Run-DMC member was gunned down in a Queens, N.Y. studio. The documentary, which took five years to make, explores Jam Master Jay's life, contributions to hip-hop and the confusion and rumors surrounding his unsolved murder.

During VH1's 'Behind the Music: 50 Cent,' which aired on Tuesday night (Oct. 13), the Queens rapper explained that Jam Master Jay gave him his first break in the music industry, signing him to JMJ Records in the late '90s. Though 50 eventually moved onto Columbia Records before releasing an album with Jay, the two remained close and 50 says he even had plans to visit Jay on the day he was murdered in 2002.

50 climbed on board as the executive producer of the project, which premiered at the Ninth Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival in June 2008. The film features appearances and interviews from several prominent hip-hop voices including Jay-Z and Russell Simmons.

'Two Turntables and a Microphone: The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay,' will hit stores on Nov. 23 with 50 Cent's CD/DVD bundle, 'Before I Self Destruct.'