50 Cent50 Cent is giving consumers a two-for-one deal by offering up the 'Before I Self Destruct' movie to accompany his new full-length album of the same name. The Queens-native wrote, directed and starred in the 90-minute film which will be featured in the 'Before I Self Destruct -- Deluxe Edition.'

Embarking on a 10-city tour to promote the film, 50 treated fans to a screening of the film in Los Angeles Wednesday (Nov. 11). "It's not 'Purple Rain," 50 said in an interview. "But it was inspired by the actual music."

In the film 50 plays an adolescent basketball player, Clarence, whose dreams of stardom are cut short due to a knee injury. Following the murder of his mother, Clarence is forced to become the sole provider for himself and his younger brother. Scorned by her death he first seeks revenge on his mother's killer then turns his newfound interest in violence into a job as a hit man. Although the story is cliché at times, and his supporting cast gives continued lackluster performances, 50 garners points for his commitment to showing his character's physical and mental maturity from teenager to head of the household.

Additionally a limited number of 'Before I Self Destruct' albums will also feature a second DVD 'Two Turntables and A Microphone: The Life And Death of Jam Master Jay.' The documentary, which is produced by 50, discusses the unsolved murder of his friend and mentor Run DMC member Jam Master Jay. The film features interviews from some of Jay's family and friends including Russell Simmons and Rev Run, and theorizes that Jay's death was an inside job.

Aside from making a name for himself in the music industry 50 is also finding success on the silver screen. He starred in his first film 'Get Rich Or Die Trying,' in 2005 and has since worked with big name actors such as Al Pacino.

The 'Before I Self Destruct,' screening tour raps up Nov. 13 in Dallas, Texas while the album comes out Nov. 16.

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