Media heavyweights came together last night (Aug. 22) as Def Jam Recordings hosted an album preview for for 2 Chainz' sophomore project, 'B.O.A.T.S. 2 #METIME,' at The DL, Manhattan's newest go-to industry spot in the city's Lower East Side neighborhood. Unfortunately, while it's typical for an artist to make an appearance and help introduce his/her latest work to industry tastemakers, one question filled the air throughout the night: Is he or isn't he going to show up?

According to Oklahoma's News 9, 2 Chainz was involved in a nine-hour standoff with police over drugs they claim to have seen on his tour bus during a routine traffic stop. Think about that for a minute.

While Def Jam said the show would go on, many were skeptical about the rapper's attendance. And as if the run-in with police wasn't enough, the rapper's New York listening party was filled with authorities as one unruly tastemaker was taken away in handcuffs minutes after doors to the venue were open. So going from bad to worse, take a look at five things that went horribly wrong for Tauheed Epps, yesterday.

1. Arrested in OKC

After performing at the Chesapeake Energy Arena with T.I. and Lil Wayne Wednesday night (Aug. 21) in Oklahoma City, OK, 2 Chainz and his entourage hit the road in the ultimate tour bus. Not long after the party wagon of at least 12 got the wheels going for New York, the Atlanta rapper and his crew were pulled over for a "routine traffic stop" on the edge of I-40 and Meridian Ave dark and early Thursday morning. Since it's no secret that police love to profile tour buses, it was just a matter of time before authorities claimed they "saw drug use" on the window-tinted bus — all sarcasm implied. But knowing their rights, the driver locked the vehicle down and refused to let OKC police on board to search for suspicious activity without a warrant. So in true, authoritative fashion, the Oklahoma City Corrections Department decided to have the bus towed — with all passengers on board — while they obtained the proper legal documentation to search and hopefully arrest the 6' 5" MC and his cohort. With a number of illegal police acts in this "routine traffic stop," it was inevitable that 2Chainz find himself behind bars.

2. Bouncer Beat Down

While the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi was making his way out of handcuffs and out of Oklahoma City, the media frenzy outside his album preview party was underway. With the idea that everyone thinks they're someone, one individual was quickly corrected about his status in the industry as several bouncers dressed in all black felt it necessary to grab him by his throat, drag him out of line, throw a couple punches his way and send him off with the cops. Word of the bouncer beat down made it's way inside, and all people had to say was, 'Only at a 2 Chainz party!.' Looks like 2 Chainz has set a new rap record for multiple run-ins with police in less than 24 hours.

3. Pre-Party Cancelled

To celebrate the Alabama State University rapper's second major label solo album, Def Jam decided to throw a VIP dinner tasting with Gucci-loving MC and media friends. But as socialites and game changers wrapped up emails and shut down the paper mills for the day, text messages started flying as the VIP dinner menu read "Cancelled." The bright side to ending a pre-set dinner hours before it started is at least it wasn't for the fans. It's a known fact they don't take kindly to rejection, even if there is nothing anyone can do to change things.

4. Tardy for the Party

Last night's listening only took a few months of planning, so it was only fitting that 2 Chainz didn't make it to the party. Everyone who attended was well aware of the 'P.I.M.P.S.' legal situation, but were all assured he would be in the building because he boarded a jet from OKC to NY at 4 p.m. CST. In fact, Tity Boi took to Twitter before leaving the Midwest and said, "NYC I'm on the way ......#MEtime." So the question in everybody's mind is where did 2 Chainz go once he landed in New York? Only the ATL rapper and his crew, and Def Jam, can answer that, but when the rumor mill starts working, there's no shortage of possibilities. Some say he went to Nike's table tennis event, others say he didn't land until the event was nearly over but most said the only thing to come out of his mouth was "F-ck it!"

5. No New Hoes

2 Chainz may be part of the 'No New Friends' gang, but he certainly doesn't object to new hoes, and last night the hoes flocked to The DL! With unflattering spandex skirts, shoes two sizes too big and weaves tacked down with a capital 'T,' the hoes were ready, willing and waiting for the Southern lyricist to walk through the doors. Unfortunately, they were forced to leave in utter disappointment, and Tit didn't get to see any of what New York's Lower East Side had to offer.

But we're sure he's not worried because he will be sure to come back. #NoHoeLeftBehind