After watching man after man profess their love for Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled took it upon himself to show the Queens-bred MC he meant business as he strolled to MTV's New York offices yesterday to give Nicki a very public marriage offer—hoping she wouldn't refuse. Khaled's on-camera love profession went viral last night, and now people are scratching their heads saying, "Really?"

While Drake may surely be the obvious competition to beat—and would be the more logical choice of the two—The BoomBox has dissected every reason Nicki should go with the lovestruck underdog. There are plenty of reasons hip-hop's twerk queen should play off this off, but here are five reasons why we think she should give Khaled a shot. Together, they could be The Best!

  • 1

    Drake Couldn't Close the Deal

    For years, Drake’s made his feelings for Nicki known, whether in song, interview or random dialogue, but Young Money’s princess has never openly reciprocated any feelings for Drizzy’s “unrequited” love. While he’s had no problem saying how much he can’t live without her, he hasn’t acted on it. And well, it looks like Khaled beat him to the punch. So why not say yes? Drake was never really gonna go for it (or get it) anyway.

  • 2

    Every Beauty Needs a Beast

    Khaled may not have climbed to the top of a dragon-guarded tower in Far Far Away or kept his princess locked in a secluded castle with talking dishes, but if Shrek can lock down Fiona and Beast can tie the knot with Belle then there’s no reason Nicki can’t say yes to the best!

  • 3

    Coming Up With a Media Pet Name is Easy

    Khaled + Minaj = Khalaj (pronounced like collage). "Khalaj" would also make a great name for their first born child. Enough Said.

  • 4

    He Respects Your Time

    Instead of catching a private plane to ask you to marry him in person, he respected your time and love for chasing checks enough to propose to you through a PSA. Can’t beat that one, can you?

  • 5

    Did You See the Ring?

    If this was Derwin Davis, and he proposed to you with that invisible diamond he gave to Melanie during the final season on 'The Game'—when it was running on the CW—the “no” response would be a no brainer. So look at it this way, Drake wrote you a few lines, but Khaled bought you a $500,000 ring. There can’t be an objection to that.