Former rapper Pete Nice of legendary Caucasian hip-hop group 3rd Bass, has just announced that he's working on a documentary about white rappers.

Nice told XXL that the documentary is an investigation of "the back history and background on white MCs and whites performing in the black music genre."

"The title is 'The White Negro,' based on the Norman Mailer essay back in the day," Nice explained. "Obviously it's a controversial subject but something that hasn't been addressed at all."

Damn, was '8 Mile' really that long ago?

According to reports, "Chris Meyers, one of the producers for the Farrelly Brothers ('Dumb & Dumber') flicks, is 'really interested.'" Although we can't find any record of such a producer, we have faith that he exists.

Though Nice hasn't been in the public eye nearly as much as former partner MC Serch (White Rapper Show etc) over the past decade, the Prime Minister (sinister) has had his hand in a fair amount of endeavors outside the realm of rap. The former owner of a memorabilia shop near the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, NY, Nice has also opened a popular bar in Boston with a member of the Dropkick Murphys, and published a work of non-fiction, 'Baseball Legends of Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetary' in 2003.

White rappers, huh...that's crazy talk.

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