It's gift-giving season, and that means you'll either impress the women you care about with thoughtful gifts during the holidays or you'll disappoint them with presents that make them question your presence in their lives.

Whether it's choosing the right color sweater or wondering if she wants the bag or the shoes, shopping for the ladies is never easy. But don't don't fret, The Boombox is here to help.

From Steve Madden to Apple, we've got 10 gift ideas that are sure to keep you out of the doghouse during this holiday season (or at least until you get drunk and do something stupid at a New Year's Eve party). Check out our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Her.

  • Hex Cabana Laptop Duffel


    Every woman wants a stylish duffel with which to transport her essentials while she's on the move, so why keep looking for the perfect one when you can get the HEX Cabana Laptop Duffel ($99.95). HEX creates every product with Apple in mind. The deep red, navy blue and creme bag is made to fit any 15-inch or smaller MacBook and still able to hold a wallet, make-up bag, notebook, umbrella and anything else a busy lady needs. And just because it's designer doesn't mean it's not sturdy. Every HEX duffel is water resistant with a waxed canvas and made with a leather bottom. Cue Erykah Badu's 'Bag Lady.'

  • Roku 3


    The holidays means gifts, family and, of course, time off from work, which for many of us translates to binge-watching TV and movies and getting in touch with our inner couch potato.

    With a Roku 3 ($99.99) around, you can watch anything anytime, anywhere.

    The Roku 3 let's you stream more than 1,000 channels of movies, TV shows, sports and more on any HDTV. With the entertainment channels already set, built-in wireless and an Ethernet and USB port ready, your lucky lady can finally catch up on all the 'Scandal' episodes she wants.

  • Steve Madden Vilocity

    Steve Madden

    We all know 2 Chainz wants a big booty girl, but girls just want booties for Christmas, and the Steve Madden Vilocity ($159.95) heels are the best six-inches they can buy. It may look like just another winter bootie, but Steve Madden brings this number to life with a gold-trim heel that runs down the back of the shoe. And even when winter ends, these black suede heels will still be in style. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  • H&M Tube Scarf


    Whether you're in California or New York, the right warm winter accessories are always necessary. This holiday season ladies can dress up their casual, business or night-out wardrobe with a H&M Tube Scarf ($14.95).

    A knitted polyester and acrylic scarf with small sequins is sure to match any style she's going for.

  • Call It Spring Detraglia Necklace & Edeaviel Bracelet

    Call It Spring

    Accessorizing is key, every woman knows that. Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars to accent her winter attire to make it look like 'Who Wore It Best,' just hit up Call It Spring for their trendy but affordable Detraglia Necklace ($12.00) and Edeaviel Bracelet ($10.00).

    Black and gold seem to go with anything these days, and these prize pieces will make her look like you shopped at Chanel... but it will be your little secret.

  • Forever 21 Daring Mesh Bodycon Dress

    Forever 21

    If she's looking for that one outfit that'll make her stand out from the rest of the suburban Stepford wives at her annual Christmas party, there are only three words that matter: little black dress.

    With long mesh sleeves, a mesh back and cut-out front to show off her cleavage, Forever 21's Daring Mesh Bodycon Dress ($22.80) will make everyone's head turn.

  • iPad Air 32G


    Staying connected while on the go is just a way of life these days. Laptops can get heavy and desktops are made for, well, your desk. So, the iPad Air ($599.00) is the perfect gift for the everyday person on the move.

    Weighing just 1 pound, the Air is virtually featherweight when compared to the average nine-pound laptop, and is 20 percent lighter than the iPad 4. Music, games, books and movies are all at your fingertips -- it's the ultimate handheld accessory.

  • Andrew Marc Corey Coat

    Andrew Marc

    Andrew Marc offers women an exceptional alternative to the typical bulky winter coat with the Corey ($476.00).

    Created with a wool and cashmere blend, the Corey has an over-sized removable hood and Trapunto leather stitching around the pockets and elbows. You're guaranteed to keep warm while showing off a quintessential sense of style. Just think, Rihanna would have no qualms rocking this.

  • R. Kelly's 'Black Panties' Album


    Twenty years ago, R. Kelly changed the R&B game when he dropped '12 Play,' the ultimate sex soundtrack. And now, he's back to offer you a lacy pair of 'Black Panties.'

    With songs like 'Lets Shakin' and 'Marry the P----,' Kellz is sure to get things popping -- all puns intended.

  • Naked Wardrobe Baby Back Up Maxi Dress

    Naked Wardrobe

    The weather outside may be frightful, but the Naked Wardrobe Baby Back Up Maxi Dress ($40.00) will make her look and feel quite delightful.

    It may look like a basic ensemble in the front, but the plunging back neckline turns this frame-fitting dress into the must-have New Year's Eve outfit.