If chicken noodle soup is food for the soul then laughter is the medicine. Everybody enjoys a good hearty chuckle every now and then and no matter how serious life can get, you can never take yourself so seriously to the point where you miss out on the laughs. That sentiment is understood throughout The Boombox office, as we bellyache our way through the day striving to deliver the best content relating to the latest in hip-hop and R&B.

While we usually keep the laughs in house for the most part, we decided it's only right to let our readers in on the fun and share a few of the best tweets we came across this past week. If you know anything about social media then you're well aware that anything and anyone is fair game, including the biggest names in all of music.

Memes, gifs, you name it and it was probably utilized in the Twitter denizens' verbal attack and wisecracks on some of your favorites singers. Last week we gave you the hip-hop edition, but this time we're back with the re-up so without further ado, we present 20 Hilarious R&B Tweets Guaranteed to Keep You Entertained.

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