A picture is worth a thousand words, and that holds true for much of the album artwork featured on our 20 Best Album Covers of 2015 list. From hand-drawn characters to black and white portraits, hip-hop and R&B artists really turned their album covers into works of art.

Lupe Fiasco went for modern abstract art for Tetsuo & Youth, while Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late looks like a little kid scribbled on it a piece of whiteboard.

Dr. Dre's Compton cover shows a scenic view of his beloved city, while Fetty Wap delivered a creepier vibe with the cover of his self-titled debut album. Finally, The Weeknd and Jill Scott brought the drama to the album cover art by having their portraits taken with their eyes looking straight into the camera and essentially you.

With all the great images that hip-hop and R&B artists brought to the table this year, we present to you a photo gallery of the 20 Best Album Covers of 2015. Enjoy!