With so many of today's songs focused on partying and jumping in the sack, it seems that music has lost its sense of romance. Sure, Miguel and the Weeknd are some of R&B's biggest crooners at the moment, but Omarion is cementing his place as the courtship king in the genre with his recently released mixtape, 'Care Package 2.'

Featuring West Coast talent ranging from Audio Push and Casey Veggies to Nipsey Hussle and Czar, the nine-track effort is a precursor to his upcoming fourth solo album, which he plans to release next year. 'Care Package 2' "is a great body of work" that not only shows how the former B2K member has grown but also remind fans of how romance works.

"I feel like [the song] 'Know You Better' is genius for exactly what it says because there are no more records like that anymore," the California native tells The Boombox. "There aren't any more songs that are descriptive in knowing someone better. It's like, 'Hey! Nice to meet you! Now you want to have sex?' That's what the songs are saying today. It's like turn up! There's no 'sexy, cool, take my time' kind of records, and I feel like that's what I bring to the game. That type of emotion. That feeling to express. It's not just emotions but also things real people go through."

Clearly Omarion is very passionate about his work, so much so that he compares himself to a musical great.

"If I could compare, it's like I'm a Marvin [Gaye], where in that there are certain songs that you could just tell that he knew what was going on and how people felt," he explains. "I feel I've done a good job with songs like 'Icebox' and 'O' and 'Touch.' I feel like those records still stand, and I could still perform those records today. It still has the same emotion that I had when I recorded it. So my music is honest music. And I think that's my contribution to music where I can get into my emotions and have it masculine and be OK."

With all this talk about emotions and the fact that it's cuffing season, it only makes sense to ask the 29-year-old singer about his own experiences with the opposite sex and dating. Check out 10 Lessons Omarion Learned From Dating Women.

  • 1

    Dinner Is Expected

    "Women want to be wined and dined. Now, I figured this out. A lot of the times, at least for men, we have a radar so to speak, and I rate a girl's personality, who she is, how outgoing she is, on the type of fun we're going to have. There are some girls where you can take them to things that are cool like the pier, and they'll actually enjoy that more than going to an expensive restaurant. So you definitely have to know who you're dealing with.

    When you're dealing with a particular woman, and you want to get the cookies, you have to put her on that rate scale. You've got to say to yourself, 'What kind of wine and dining will I do? Will I do a 10?' Now a 10 is an expensive restaurant, the nice dress, fly, boom. Dinner, a little music, dance. We going to the bed, know what I'm saying. Then there's the one you take to [TGI] Fridays, and she'll be OK with that. Or maybe something nice than that like Red Lobster -- at least you got some seafood there.

    But it doesn't matter where she falls in the radar, she always wants to be wine and dined. There has to be some segue to get to the jar or even bring up the jar. Because some ladies don't even want to discuss it. I don't care if you fed me, I'll see you later. But it's all based on the steps you take."

  • 2

    Bowel Movements Are on Hold for Six Months

    "Girls will probably -- if she's a lady -- never do the No. 2 around you. If they're not a lady, she might poo. You might ask her, 'What's that smell?' And she'll be like 'I don't know!' But it really might be her. Because it happens. If I take you to Mexican, we both got the BGs. You might then blame it on somebody else. But most of the time, if you're a lady, she'll never use the bathroom or burp. But after six or seven months, you gonna get it. Then you gonna get a belch, and that's how it starts. Once you see them mysteriously walk away from the couch, they probably hitting a poop, boom. Then they'll walk over next to you."

  • 3

    You're Paying the Bill

    "Most women don't want to pick up the bill. If you're a gentleman, then you're never going to, you know, especially if you invite her. But sometimes it's cool to know that she would actually pull money out of her purse like, 'I"m independent.' But of course, as a gentleman, we'll be like, 'No, no I got that.' But most of the time they don't want to pay for it."

  • 4

    Drinking Is Saved for Date No. 2

    "[On] the first date, women don't want to drink much. If you're dealing with a lady, she don't like to drink that much. She'll have a drink or two, but she don't want to get drunk. You gotta know that as a man. If you try to buy her shots, she'll be like, 'Tsk, you keep buying me shots. You're trying to get me drunk.' But if she's a turnt up, [laughs] then you know the rest. She gonna wanna drink all the drinks."

  • 5

    First Impressions Are Important

    "You could tell what you can and can't deal with when you first meet someone. There are certain no-nos. And there's a difference between when I'm hanging out with a girl and when I'm courting a girl [and] thinking of her in a certain type of way."

  • 6

    Table Manners Need Improvement

    "Smacking or chewing really loud and obnoxiously at dinner is a no-no. You know, if we're eating tacos, and I know we gotta use our hands, but if it gets all over your face, it's not sexy to me. That's not a good look."

  • 7

    Bad Hygiene Kills the Mood

    "Hygiene is important. You gotta smell good. So ladies, please spray some perfume. Hair gotta be done. You gotta look nice."

  • 8

    Compromising Is Key

    "That's a big one right there. Compromising is something I just learned because this is a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. That's James Brown for you. But compromising is important to keeping a relationship going. The reason I had a hard time compromising is because I've always been the oldest. I'm the first born. I'm a leader so naturally my thought process is if I need to get something done, more than likely no one else will get it done the way I'll get it done. That's always been my thought process and feeling. But you know, when you get into a relationship, you gotta give a little bit of that power with compromising. It's not about changing who you are, but it's about giving your partner or the person that you're with a shared profit in what the relationship should look like. It's a balance."

  • 9

    Mood Swings Are Inevitable

    "Mood swings. I just want to tell the fellas that you can't ever really avoid it, and there's nothing that I can tell you about that time of the month. Just brace yourself. Don't say too much. Stand your ground, but definitely don't say too much."

  • 10

    Timing Is Everything

    "Timing is important. For me, it's the idea of being their knight in shining armor. If you want to play somewhat, even a small portion of that role, you need to know what good timing is. It's about surprising your girl or surprising her and giving her gift. All these points are important in acknowledging her. It's real important."