It's important to say this right off the bat: Nitty Scott, MC is a dope lyricist and a skilled rapper.

We certainly know that because she made our list of 10 New York Rappers to Watch in 2014. But let's face it, the girl looks good. It doesn't matter if she's posing for a photographer or taking a random selfie, the Brooklyn-bred MC is one of the most exquisite-looking female rappers out today.

Whether it's her golden brown skin, those mysterious dark eyes, her dimples or that ridiculous body she has, Nitty continues to drive those who appreciate the female form wild.

She puts out quality music -- just check out her new album, 'The Art of Chill,' -- but today, it's the rapper's beauty we're celebrating, and boy, what a grand celebration it is. Here are 10 Hottest Instagram Photos of Nitty Scott, MC.

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