Karaoke is a great bar game in which people embarrass themselves by crooning popular songs -- badly. The best karaoke performances are not usually defined by your vocal skills but how much you can bring your personality into song at that moment. When it comes to rap and R&B songs, it seems people lose their inhibitions and go for broke. Below are 10 videos of people courageously performing some of your favorite rap tunes at a karaoke bar. They may be rapping or singing tunes by superstar talent but they're anything but here. There are people warbling tunes by Notorious B.I.G., Beyonce, Kanye West, Ludacris and Diddy, among others. So without further ado, here's our list of 10 Hilarious Karaoke Videos.

  • 1

    Beyonce, 'Drunk in Love'

    Beyonce’s marital anthem 'Drunk in Love' is such an infectious song that it was destined to be a karaoke favorite. These two ladies are tone deaf but do an admirable job warbling Queen Bey's chart-topping hit. But take notice of their backup dancer who seems to be in her own world as she slow grinds to the trap ballad. Surprisingly, she jumps on the mic to spit Jay Z’s verse on the song. Not bad.

  • 2

    Notorious B.I.G., 'Juicy'

    Americans are known for their karaoke obsession, but London folks love the singing game as well. Here we have three blokes doing a rendition of Biggie's classic song 'Juicy.' Props to the audience for singing the chorus in unison. We're sort of amused that one guy knows the lyrics verbatim while the other two gents are reading the verses on paper.

  • 3

    Kanye West, 'Gold Digger'

    Kanye West's 2005 banger 'Gold Digger' gets the lounge music treatment with Craig's over-the-top karaoke performance. We have to say, it's quite impressive. Craig must take his karaoke performances serious because he had two cameras filming his show. The highlight of the clip is when he takes off his sports coat to do the Yeezy dance. Oh, and props to Craig for not saying the N-word.

  • 4

     Rihanna, 'Umbrella'

    In this clip, two women at a shopping mall -- yes, a shopping mall -- are trying their best to sing Rihanna's chart-topping hit 'Umbrella.' They fail miserably. Even with the lyrics in front of them they can't get the words right. One woman seems surprised by the lyrics itself. Sorry ladies, but it's time to exit stage left.

  • 5

    Bell Biv Devoe, 'Poison'

    Bell Biv Devoe's cautionary jam 'Poison' is now a karaoke classic. Bar patrons love to sing this '90s tune, especially when they're drunk. These four guys take it to the next level and create their own dance moves to the song. The foursome's pelvic thrusts have the ladies screaming with delight. We say pick your poison on this one.

  • 6

    Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, 'It Takes Two'

    In this video, Chris (aka C-Money) pretends he's a rapper with his karaoke performance of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's classic song 'It Takes Two.' He certainly comes prepared. Donning a Superman T-shirt, a gold chain and shades, C-Money is ready to rock the mic. He even has his own backup singer. At the end, Chris displays some impressive beat-boxing skills. Props to C-Money.

  • 7

    Miley Cyrus, 'Baby Got Back' 

    Miley Cyrus can't seem to stop twerking. At a karaoke club in New Orleans, Cyrus and her female posse are filmed performing Sir Mix-a-Lot's booty anthem 'Baby Got Back.' On cue, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer starts flexing her, um, butt to the song. While we're raising an eyebrow at this show, Sir Mix-a-lot did approve of Cyrus' twerking performance. "Do that @mileycyrus i love it, he tweeted.

  • 8

    Diddy, 'Bad Boy For Life'

    Paul and Jafar are two rap fans who love to do hip-hop karaoke. In this clip, the dynamic duo performs Diddy's braggadocios song 'Bad Boy For Life.' They lack swag but at least they were able to rap the lines word for word.

  • 9

    Ludacris, 'Southern Hospitality'

    Ludacris' Dirty South anthem 'Southern Hospitality' is rapped by two buddies who do a pretty good job of throwing them 'bows. Check the 54-second mark where one decides to demonstrate some gyrating moves for the camera. He also pays homage to Drake with those Drizzy hands during his interpretation of the lyrics.

  • 10

    Khia, 'My Neck, My Back (Lick It)'

    Khia's sexually-charged song 'My Neck, My Back' is a song to help the the men learn how to perform cunnilingus properly. In this video, a guy is bold enough to perform the racy song at a karaoke bar -- uncensored! It's funny watching the dude rap "My neck, my back, lick my p---- and my crack" with such veracity. Then in the middle of his performance he announces to the crowd he's gay. Doh!

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