Former B2K member Lil' Fizz is making headlines for his involvement in an illegal marijuana dispensary on the West Coast. The State of California is suing the singer for more than one million dollars for operating the shop.

TMZ reports that Fizz, born Dreux Pierre Frederic, co-owns Little Amsterdam weed shop located in in West Hollywood. According to the suit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the dispensary, which opened its doors on July, 1, 2010, was operating in an area where marijuana stores are prohibited.

The 25-year-old entertainer is required to shut down the premises as well as pay a hefty price for opening the shop for business. For each day the dispensary was opened, Lil' Fizz must fork over $2,500. Little Amsterdam has been operating for 477 days, which totals $1,192,500 he needs to shell out.

The 'Bump, Bump, Bump' crooner is also expected to pay law enforcement costs and lawyer's fees surrounding the case. Currently that amount is near $750,000.