Four years after launching the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise, Mona Scott-Young finally decided to expand the show, again, and dive into the land of sunshine and silicone with 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.' Focused on the lives of the men in hip-hop and the women behind them -- or the ones just left behind -- Ray J, Fizz (formerly Lil Fizz of B2K), Omarion, Soulja Boy and Yung Berg to bring the franchise to new heights this season.

Before officially introducing the women involved, Mona Scott-Young speaks over a series of scenes to come. "In Hollywood, love is a losing battle when the heart you want has no desire to be won... Welcome to Hollywood, where only a chosen few get invited to the party 'cause it ain't all fair in love and hip-hop." Then the fun begins!

Everyone's familiar with Teairra Mari from her 'Phone Booth' days circa 2005 when Jay-Z deemed her Princess of the Roc. These days, Teairra is chasing after what she claims to be a nine-year on-again-off-again relationship with Brandy's little brother, Ray J. In fact, she even has his name tattooed under her right breast. Damn, she really must have thought it was love. However, their relationship officially came to an end eight months ago when she socked Ray in the face after finding pictures of another woman in his phone. But it's clearly a little too hard for her to let go. The former Def Jam singer is stressing Ray for a bag of her belongings now that his new girlfriend, Princess, has moved into his house.

In the midst of a post-traumatic breakdown in a Los Angeles parking lot outside of Ray J's office, everyone's favorite kid brother invites his ex to his dot com launch party -- along with the rest of his chicks. Unmotivated to celebrate the man that broke her heart -- after she broke his jaw -- Teairra Mari feels obligated to attend Ray's launch party to confront Princess. After all, she threw out her things, which included "BV capsules, Vagisil ... and some Parmesan cheese" according to Ray's assistant, Morgan. With two of his women in the same small room, confrontation occurs.

But while Ray J is jumping around Hollywood learning how to control his women, Fizz is ducking and dodging the mother of his son, Moniece, after a temporary restraining order against her finally expired. The singer-songwriter-whatever isn't working, and thus has no solid place to live, so Fizz was fighting for full custody of their child and won. Unfortunately, Moniece seems to be one of those chicks that uses the kid to try to get next to a man that wants nothing to do with her. So what does she do? She finds ways to "pop up on that ass" whenever she can. It's a shame really, but it makes for great TV. Where things will go with that, only Mona Scott-Young and VH1 know.

And in case anyone missed the first episode of #LHHH, here's a quick rundown of the drama and all the characters involved. Hazel-E is a celebrity publicist turned raptress who is best friends with Teairra Mari, who dated Ray J and can't let him go. Ray J now dates Princess who, by default, is cool with Morgan, Ray's assistant. Apryl is Omarion's girlfriend and mother of his first and only child. Nia Riley is the daughter of former Blackstreet singer Teddy Riley, and an on-again-off-again girlfriend of Soulja Boy, who is now moving her and her daughter into his Los Angeles home -- no, the kid is not his.

Got it? Now get ready for next week.