The second season Love & Hip Hop Hollywood kicked off with Moniece Slaughter looking for love with Rich Dollaz. She seemed to be super into the guy that once had Erica Mena going crazy. But now that we're at the ending point of the season, it looks like there's a shift in Moniece's attention.

With her baby daddy Fizz wanting a bit more adult time and hoping that Moniece will step up as a mom, she has really moved toward doing her part in this new family dynamic. And although it was rocky in the beginning, Fizz and Moniece have found a happy medium with their son and can now co-parent. Now that things are good, Fizz decides to ask Moniece if she would be the feature girl in his "Lotion" video. He also reveals he's been dating Nikki Mudarris. While keeping a smile on her face, Moniece lays on a little shade, but she tries to play nice and keep the peace.

However, when she meets up with Teairra Mari, she admits that she's starting to fall back in love with Fizz, which causes Tea's jaw to drop. Then again, Moniece is one to lead with her feelings so perhaps it's not so surprising. So with her heart on her sleeve, she reveals it all to Fizz after shooting a scene for his "Lotion" video. And although he's glad that they are in a good place now, Fizz admits that he's fallen out of love with Moniece and just wants to be friends and great parents to their son.

Of course, Moniece gets emotional and cries. However, she sees that this is the best for the both of them and accepts what needs to be. But the confession did get his mind going. So when Nikki surprises him on the set, he needs to tell her just because he wants to confide with someone about what happened. While she is taken aback by the news, she admits that she would step aside if that is what Fizz and Moniece need to make their family work. However, Fizz says that he doesn't want to dwell on the past and is moving forward.

Ever since he and Princess Love broke up, Ray J has been playing the field hard. However, as past episodes have proven, no matter how much booty he gets, he's still in love with Princess. So he meets up with Max Lux to talk it over since he's known about the couple since the beginning. While Max says that Princess needs to understand Ray's lifestyle, the singer does a full 180 and reveals that he needs to meet Princess halfway and compromise.

This is a huge step for the player, but, of course, it could just be all talk. He does need to prove himself. Ray admits that he's cut down on his sexual ways and actually hasn't been really sleeping around. However, he doesn't appreciate Princess hanging with Teairra. But Max tells him to fight for the love and relationship with Princess. And since Max and Brandi Boyd have been together for over a decade, Ray knows that he went to the right person for advice.

Ray takes Max's advice and pays Princess a visit. Unfortunately, he doesn't welcome him the way he hoped. She explains to Ray that her issues with him and why she even put up with all of his bad habits is because of the issues she had with her dad. She needs time and space away from him to figure herself out and do what she needs to do on her own. Ray respects her wishes and tells her to shine.

While it's clear that Max and Brandi are now in a good place, she is hit with some bad news. Her sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. So she gets together with her sister, mom and grandmother. Despite the fear everyone has about this, they try to stay strong and will fight this together. She and Max talk about her sister's situation, and Brandi thanks Max for always having her back.

It's been a while since Amber Hunter and Miles Brock have spoken since he came out to her. However, he does miss his best friend and invites her to finally sit down and catch up. He explains that his family now knows including his mom and that he even got into a fist fight with one of his nephews after revealing he's gay. Then Amber admits that she told her daughter Zoey about his sexuality to protect her from what other people are going to say about her "father figure."

While Miles is sad about the fact he wasn't there to tell Zoey himself, he understands why Amber had to do it and actually apologizes for what he put them both through with all of this. Amber reveals that she wants to move on and find her happiness but fully supports Miles in whatever he needs to do.

Now onto the Princess and Teairra drama. T.T. is still not over the fact that she was pushed aside at the fashion show with Nikki and replaced with Princess. So she's ready to fight back and recruits Moniece to help her out. And she even sends Hazel-E a text on the day of the show, telling her that she's going to crash. And Hazel, who's tired of all the drama, leaves the show before it even starts just to avoid the mess that's obviously about to go down.

Although that frustrates Milan Christopher, Princess and Nikki, the show must still go on -- with or without Hazel. So they get ready for it, but of course, like clockwork, Teairra walks in with her legion of models right in the middle of Nikki's part of the show. Obviously, Milan, Nikki and Princess can't do anything about it. But even though Teairra does win this round, we're sure that karma won't be so kind to her.

As he promised, Ray didn't show up to the show. But he did come after to surprise Princess with flowers. While he continued to apologize, Princess stays true to her word and tells him that she wants to be friends. She wants him to prove his love for her by growing up. She loves him, but she just can't take him back at this very moment.

This week's episode ends with a meeting of the fashionistas. Everyone explains their sides. However, when Moniece and Princess start talking, drinks are thrown. And it's obvious that Moniece might be building bridges with Fizz but burning them with others. Find out how this all pans out in next week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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