This week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' picks up right where last week's left off. And the only question viewers should be asking is why does Teairra Mari feel the need to literally fight absolutely everyone?

Reality TV fans watch as the singer is minding her business, going at it with Hazel-E over the real status of Yung Berg and Hazel's "relationship," when Ray J pops up at a tattoo removal party in his honor only to dump a box full of clothes -- and some Monistat and BV pills -- on the floor and says, "Here's all your stuff."

We all know that was an extreme move by Ray J, but instead of handling things like a grown ass woman, what does Tea Tea do to fix it? She goes and puts them paws on him. Clearly the Detroit-born singer missed a few classes in kindergarten when the theme was "hands to self." Note to Teairra's publicist: this is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on some 15-second press and have Tea and Scrappy cut a track together, ideally, a 'Put Them Paws on Her' remix. We'll also need 10 percent of the money earned for the idea.

According to Ray J, "Everytime Teairra gets mad or gets loaded she always wanna snuff somebody," and from what viewers see in this episode, he's right. Still angry with the way Teairra came at her about her situation with Yung Berg, Hazel-E decides to visit her girl at the studio to get to the bottom of the drama and squash the beef. However, we all know things don't work out that easily.

As the aspiring 34-year-old rapstress is attempting to have a rational conversation with Teairra, the songstress jumps in to say, "You wanted to talk about you, and it wasn't about you that night. It was about me." Granted it was a momentous -- insert eye roll here -- occasion in the former Def Jam singer's life, but her girl felt it was a good time to relate and tell her "friend" what was going on with her.

Unfortunately, Hazel forgot Teairra suddenly suffers from I'm-the-only-person-that-matters syndrome as a result of her non-stop drinking, thus she overlooks the plausible outcome of the situation. Next thing the VH1 audience sees is Hazel-E storming off, screaming, "You just don't get it." Here is where viewers have to wonder: is there anyone who isn't completely crazy on this show?

Speaking of crazy, let's discuss Omarion's mother. Maybach-O has a baby on the way, thus a family he's working to provide for, but his mom says she should be No. 1 because there would be no family without her. Yes, she's the woman that brought Omari into the world, she needs to learn to let go. Omarion isn't 10 years old anymore, and quite honestly she needs to grow up.

When Apryl and Omarion go to sit down with his mom to talk about her issues with him starting a family, she says she has a problem with it because he's stopped doing things for her (i.e. paying all her bills, buying her houses) and let her tell her it, he probably stopped taking her out for date night. What she fails to realize is Omari is not her man, he's her son. So now, the 29-year-old singer is faced with the ultimate question: who comes first? Is it his mom or his lady -- the mother of his child? In the words of Liam Neeson in 'Taken,' "good luck."

Meanwhile, as one former B2K member wants to cut the drama out of his life, another just can't stop it from coming. Fizz is all about his 4-year-old son Cameron, but his mom seems a little on the fence about whether she really enjoys being a mom or if her tears are just for the cameras. Either way, last week Moniece tried to check Fizz's girlfriend, Amanda, and told her that she needs to check in everyday regarding her whereabouts with her son. In a normal world, that would make sense, but coming from Moniece and her crazy background is sounds absolutely nuts.

Not happy with his baby mama's tactics, Fizz finally goes to sit down with Moniece without being dragged kicking and screaming to see her. Thirty seconds into the conversation, Mo breaks down into tears, but for some reason you just don't feel bad for her. She claims she had some bomb record deal, and then it all got taken away. "Just as quickly as God blessed me with one situation, he took it away," says Mo. But it's possible God took it away because she seems like a complete monster and he had to humble her real quick. She says she's doing everything she can to be a good mother, but her efforts seem less than minimal -- at least on TV.

So B2K's #LHHH theme this week is "Keep your other woman in check. No drama with the mama!"

To wrap up the episode of chaos, Masika and Mally Mall DTR (define the relationship) while shopping for furniture for Mally's new Beverly Hills spot. During their eye-gazing convo, Mally says he's into her and trust is everything. He also states he'll always keep it real about what's going on. But, when his ex, Nikki Baby, confronts him about his so-called new relationship, Mally claims Masika is some crazy chick he met and he cut things off with her when he saw what it was. Thus, Mally Mall tells Nikki, "We're not breaking up," and he just wants to be real. He lets Nikki know there was a girl, but she was fake and now it's over.

Well, one thing we can guarantee is this show reunion will be a memorable one.

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