In the land of liposuction and silicone, some believe the essence of true love exists, but in the TV world of Mona Scott-Young, that four letter word does not. Love seems to only exist when black cards and black cars are brought into the mix. At least that's what last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' seemed to prove.

As broken hearts try to be mended across Hollywood, Teairra Mari is working around the clock to play matchmaker. She's attempting to by Fizz and Miss Nikki Baby together. Not an obvious match made Tinseltown, but the perfect scripted match for VH1 television. Tea Tea and Fizz meet Nikki and her scantily-clad, classless self for drinks and the former B2K signer can't stop himself from drooling.

Viewers at home are probably thinking Dreux is too sweet for the strip club heiress, but he doesn't seem to mind as long as she looks like Barbie. "I heard she was a spoiled little rich girl, but after dealing with Amanda and all her cheating I can deal with a pampered princess," he says.

Before the ultimate blind meet up comes to an end, Fizz tells Nikki he'll be at her house to pick her up for their first date. Of course, Nikki can't turn down a man as long as he has money. But for the sake of the show, Nikki meets the former R&B bad boy for a bottle of Ciroc and anything else to come. Who orders bottles of Ciroc on a first date?

Now back to the story, Ms. Mudarris reveals that she isn't crazy about getting involved with anyone else in the industry, but will consider taking a chance on the New Orleans-born singer because he's tried to be in a "serious" relationship while living the tour life. "I know he was in a boy band before so I'm sure he's been around a lot of groupies and hoes," Nikki tells the cameras. "But the fact that he tried to be in a serious relationship... I can respect that about him."

As the date continues, Fizz can't seem to keep his eyes in their sockets because he's staring at Nikki so hard. His eye game worked because the two agree to a second date, but not before ending the first one with a tongue-filled kiss.

And while Dreux is off getting his love life back in order, Moniece continues to give her sob story about not being able to spend time with her "muffin" and looks for the crowd sympathy vote. Typically, this would be a heartbreaking situation, but because it's Moniece, viewers just don't seem to feel so bad. She's the black version of 'Single White Female,' and everyone knows how that ended.

While Teairra Mari is trying to help Fizz and Nikki find cupid, Hazel-E is looking for ways to get her bestie back. The self-proclaimed "former hottest publicist in the game" reaches out to Tea Tea to squash the beef after she finally sees the light about her "beau" Berg. There's one condition however: Teairra can't do her record with the Hitmaka. Rightfully so, Teairra says that's absolutely absurd. The singer lets Hazel know that if moving forward as friends is contingent on that, then she can forget it. No fight, no nothing. Looks like Tea's really doing some growing this season.

As for Ray J and his pyramid of love, he's fed up with everyone around him -- from Morgan to Princess. Not knowing who to trust at this point, Ray meets up with the one woman he knows will be loyal to him until the end: his sister, Brandy. Giving the best sisterly advice she can, Brandy tells Willy, Jr. like it is: "All the women in your life are talking, and you can't trust any of them," she states. Brandy also tells him she's concerned about his environment, just like their mother said. But Ray isn't trying to hear anything about his home life (i.e. Princess).

The King of Hollywood is focused on keeping his relationship with Princess alive, so he sets up a classy evening in the backyard of their home to resolve their current issues. Unfortunately, that backfires quickly. After channeling the methods of his anger management courses into the couple's romantic dinner, Ray J tells Princess it's time to call Chris Brown and Kevin McCall because he's ready to chuck the deuces.

Like any woman on the show usually does, Princess throws her champagne at the man she thought loved her for the long haul. Chips and red wine soon follow. But that just put things into motion because next thing viewers know, Ray is pushing Princess away -- all the way into the pool. The woman falls right in and her little black dress is a wet mess. Princess tries going after Ray J, but is unsuccessful in catching a hit when security steps in.

If fans think things can't get any worse, think again. And did anyone see Omarion's hair while he was talking to Apryl in the bathroom? Can he get a quick shape up or put a comb to it because it looks a little rough.

Stay tuned for next week's drama.

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