In a disturbing new video, Yung L.A. covered up the duck tattoo on his face with a huge L.A. symbol.

The confused young MC was the subject of much scrutiny when word of his pink duck face tattoo hit the web two weeks ago. The microphone-wielding duck image was actually the logo of Atlanta-based record Duct Tape Ent., home of rapper Alley Boy, who denied Yung L.A.'s affiliation with the label, after he parted ways with T.I.s Grand Hustle Records. "Yung La is NOT!!! DTE!!!" Alley Boy tweeted. Though Yung L.A. did his best to refute Alley Boy's statement, claiming that the tattoo came after a very positive meeting with DTE's Big Bank Black and others, rumors quickly spread that LA had an altercation with DTE, and was forced to cover up the tattoo.

Today, an even more perplexing video hit the 'Net, which depicts an apologetic Yung L.A., drinking codeine and promethazine cough syrup, covering up his tattoo. After shouting out Pimp C, DJ Screw and several other hip-hop heroes who passed away due to their syrup use, a visibly befuddled Yung L.A. brags that he's "still doin' it, I can't put my cup down," while a tattoo gun buzzes in the background

By the video's end, however, L.A. takes a much more somber tone, revealing that his cover-up is an apology of sorts, appealing to DTE's humanity. "I'm doin' this to provide for my family. I'm not doing this to impress the nation, man. This how I feed my family," he mumbles. " ... I don't want no trouble, dogg. I'm a peaceful person, I'm a god-fearing man."

Despite the cover-up, Alley Boy still hopped on Twitter to send some parting shots Yung L.A.'s way. "Money helped ALOT of u n----z cover dat b---- up!!! U a p---- boy and u know Dat. Go look at worldstar! Need I say more?! No."

Yung L.A.'s new mixtape, 'Tattoos and Jewelry,' is scheduled to drop March 30..

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