There are a lot of people that want to be like Young Jeezy. What's not to love? You get a successful rap career, solid role as ambassador of the streets and touring duties with international stars like Jay-Z. Yet in some bizarre news, a Florida resident has taken what appears to be Jeezy's likeness to one of the more ridiculous levels we've seen in awhile. Reports and crime photos indicate that Conrad Zdzierak used an elaborate, Hollywood-caliber mask of the ATL rapper to rob several banks.

Zdzierak, a 30-year old Caucasian, was arrested for a string of robberies using the mask and is currently being held behind bars with a whopping $3 million bond. He's facing six counts of aggravated robbery in a Hamilton Country court. So yeah, it should be pretty tough to get out of this one.

Acting on a local tip, officers from several departments served a warrant at an Extended Stay America Hotel where Zdzierak has been staying since last year. They looked into the suspect's car and found traces of a red dye pack that bank employees had exploded during the crime. This was more than enough to bust in on Zdzierak in his hotel room, where a dog bit one of the officers and prompted one cop to fire his gun. An arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday (April 21).