Young Jeezy wants his fans to know that despite all the ice around his neck and wrist, he's still aware that times are rough. The Atlanta-based rapper, who just released 'The Prime Minister' mixtape, is currently prepping his third studio album, 'The Recession.'

"I went from 'Thug Motivation' to 'The Inspiration' and [now] 'The Recession,'" he said in a recent interview. "And that's just how I'm feeling, I'm feeling the recession. I'm feeling the drought and I'm gonna speak on it. And when I speak on it you're gonna appreciate it."

Jeezy promises that like his previous albums, 'The Recession' will feature hardcore street anthems like the first single 'Put On,' featuring Kanye West. "I'm known for making those national anthems and when you get this album its gonna be full of national anthems, it's going to be full street stuff to help you get through your day, [and] its gonna be full of politics here and there to help you understand if you ain't enlightened."

There's no official release date for 'The Recession,' but Jeezy promises to drop the second single dubbed 'Crazy World' in the near future.