One rapper found out the hard way that you can't fool around one last time before your wedding day.

According to TMZ, Atlanta rapper YC, known for his 2011 hit "Racks," was set to marry his girlfriend of five years, Kali Bower, in Las Vegas at the end of March. YC and his boo decided to elope in the City of Sin.

The night before the big day, YC and his friends were walking around the Bellagio hotel when he started flirting with one of the bartenders. Apparently, word got back to his soon-to-be wife and she immediately called off the wedding.

Bower not only felt jilted when she found out about her unfaithful man, but also embarrassed in front of her friends and family members.

The 29-year-old gave his side of the story and admitted that he did in fact flirt with the bartender. "The women went their way and the guys went their way," he explained. "So I'm out there we gambling, I'm drinking and the bartender keeps coming. She keeps flirting so I'm drinking, I'm thinking, it's the night before so whatever happens now they ain't gonna hold it against me.'"

"She said, 'You know I get off in a minute,'" added the former Block Boyz member. "It's a big commotion [after I get caught] so I wind up getting another room and staying in another hotel."

YC then goes on to explain that he and Bower have since talked things over, but she's still upset and has no immediate plans to forgive him. Since they've been together for five years, he doesn't want to see the relationship end over this. "It's been five years so we just shouldn't throw it down the drain," he states.

Watch YC admit to his dirty deed above.

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