Jewish rapper Y-Love is enlisting the rhyming skills of one unlikely guy for the video to his Diwon-produced track 'The Takeover': Andy Milonakis.

In the visuals, Y-Love, reggae crooner TJ Di Hitmaker and funny guy Milonakis forego the use of pricey rides or voluptuous women by their sides. They let their lyrics -- and their wardrobe selections -- speak for themselves.

"I feel like, with this album ['See Me'], I'm redefining myself as an artist and breaking out of the mold I set for myself with my previous albums," Y-Love tells The BoomBox. "'The Takeover' is the first track from the new Y-Love, and this collaboration is the perfect banger to set it off with."

The Brooklyn native commences the video with lines like, "Y-Love, just a pinch of this/ Is gonna make 'em move fast like the Exodus/ Wanna see you move every inch to this/ Makin' all heads spin, Exorcist/ This is God's world, I run the Internet/ I do a rap thing, ya'll get into that."

TJ joins in, lacing the track with his Caribbean vibe. "The whole song came together when Diwon played a beat in the studio while Y-Love was in the booth thinking he would lay down 16 bars as an interlude to his album," he shares. "I was feeling the vibe of the beat and thought it would make a killer single, I dropped my verses, there you have it, 'The Takeover.'"

Milonakis, known for his zany antics, closes out the song, tipping his lyrical hat to the likes of Jay-Z and Bob Marley. "Takeover, yes I'm a soldier/ I am the man, you can call me A-Hova/ I can do it better than my next competitor," he raps. So what does this 35-year-old comedian think of this mash-up? "Let this unassuming group of crazies take over your eyebuds and earholes with this hyped up mix of hip-hop and dancehall reggae," he reveals.

For 'The Takeover' producer, Milonakis' feature was a welcomed one. "This song was one of the most fun records I ever produced, it bridges hip-hop and dancehall, blending Y-Love and TJ Di Hitmaker's style," Diwon explains. "When Andy Milonakis heard the draft, he quickly put together one of my favorite Milonakis verses ever. We laid it down and then hit a sound stage. The video lets the fans really feel like they are right there with the artists -- it's up close and in your face and the video editing takes a spastic DJ scratch-and-blend style creating an ADHD reggae hip-pop video."

'The Takeover' appears on Y-Love's EP, 'See Me,' released in May.

Watch Y-Love, TJ Di Hitmaker & Andy Milonakis in 'The Takeover'

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