The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department issued an apology to Wyclef Jean after they confused him for a man who robbed a gas station.

According to a witness at the crime scene, the suspect was wearing a red bandanna, as was Wyclef that night, so he was pulled over and immediately put in handcuffs.

"L.A. right now, coming from the studio," said the former Fugee while being detained. "Y'all see the police have handcuffs on me. They just took off my Haitian bandanna. That's what's going on right now with Wyclef in L.A. right now. The LAPD have me in cuffs for absolutely nothing."

After he was released, Clef blasted the police for their error and accused them of poor treatment. It was the LASD that pulled the rapper over, however, not the LAPD.

"This morning @wyclef erroneously tweeted that he had been detained by the LAPD," a spokesman tweeted. "We can confirm that we were not involved in that incident."

Around the same time, the LASD issued their apology, and some might say it had a little sarcasm.

"It is unfortunate that Mr. Jean was detained for six minutes during this investigation, as he had no involvement whatsoever in this violent crime," the department's statement read. "However, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs are frequently required to make lawful detentions, under the strict parameters provided by law, in interest of catching often dangerous and armed suspects in our communities and keeping the public safe."

You can read the LASD's full statement below, and so far Wyclef hasn't responded.

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