Wyclef Jean is protesting his exclusion from Haiti's upcoming presidential election through song.

Wyclef released 'Prizon Pou K.E.P.A.' via his Twitter account on Wednesday, August 25. The song's title translates to "Prison for the CEP," the Haitian electoral committee which ruled 'Clef ineligible to run for president, and which he accuses of being "headed by Lucifer" in the song.

"I am contesting, I am going to the court, I am contesting/ I don't agree, I am contesting, I am going to the court, I am contesting," Clef sings in his native Creole. "Look, they gave Wyclef a report card/ They say Wyclef, you don't speak Creole/ You are the Diaspora's candidate ... Even my own Haitians curse me out on Facebook when they hear I want to be president."

The decision to record the song in Creole appears to be a direct response to 'Clef's critics, notably fellow Fugee Praz and actor Sean Penn, who publicly questioned his intentions and ability to speak the nation's primary languages, French and Creole. Rather than promising to redouble his efforts to help Haiti recover from the January earthquake that crushed Port-au-Prince, Wyclef focuses on the election.

'Clef goes on to point the finger at current president René Préval for blocking his bid and promises to continue fighting the decision to exclude him from the election. "Wyclef Jean, truthfully, I will continue on contesting the electoral council/ We have to mobilize/ I won't give up," he sings. The Haitian presidential election takes place on November 28, 2010.

Check the song out here.

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