Wyclef Jean has taken to CNN's website to provide an update on relief efforts in Haiti at the six-month anniversary of the country's devastating earthquake. As has been reported throughout the week, it's not going so well. Progress is nearly non-existent and Bill Clinton recently revealed that only 10 percent of promised donations across the globe have actually come through.

"With the amount of money that has been raised to help our country, I was expecting to see construction projects," writes Wyclef. "I was expecting to see thousands of heavy tractors and loaders lifting up rubble. I was expecting to see people relocated from tents and starting to get into temporary housing. And yet, during my last visit, just a few weeks ago, I saw very few, or none, of these."

At this point, there are approximately 1.6 million Haitians living in tent camps without enough food, water or safety. "All of these refugees are dependent on donations and have no means to support or sustain themselves," he explains.

Wyclef hoped that more reconstruction would have occurred by this point. He says after securing basic shelter and utilities for residents, it's time to get some jobs back to the nation.

"We need to bring business back to Haiti, we need to focus on jobs -- and, of course, education," he continues. "As we reach the six-month mark, let's make a renewed commitment to cooperate, collaborate, do whatever it takes to make sure the next six months are eventful in terms of real progress."

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