Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we have to leave those celebratory weekend vibes behind. Allow us to point you to the most recent edition of the stellar WNYC series 'No Cover' in which a full, professionally recorded live set of a group is featured along with some solid historical context. This time around it's the classic Long Island duo EPMD getting the full treatment and rocking a park party like only the old school can do.

The show featured is from a City Parks Foundation sponsored event at Queensbridge Park in Queens, N.Y. EPMD is in rare form, showing off their take on traditional hip-hop with unwavering commitment to the core tenets of the genre like flipping soul samples, giving DJs scratch solos and rocking a party at all costs.

The group kicks things off with 'It's My Thing' -- its first single, an unflappable classic and sample sharer with Jay-Z's 'Ain't No N----' off of 'Reasonable Doubt'. They barely let up from that point on, ripping through other classics like 'You Gots to Chill' and 'Strictly Business' to the live park crowd. Be sure to check out a seven-minute scratch solo by DJ Scratch (13:12), as well as some big time shout outs to rap forefather Marley Marl, Capone, Spinderella, Greg Nice and native son Ron Artest.

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