NEW YORK (AP) - Will Smith may not want to talk about what happened last week in Moscow, but Tommy Lee Jones sure does.

The actors met on the black carpet at the premiere of "Men in Black 3" Wednesday night, with Jones twice asking Smith, "How's life in Moscow?"

Representatives from Sony Pictures and Smith's publicity team repeatedly told members of the media the star wouldn't be talking about the incident, but someone forgot to tell Jones.

A Ukrainian reporter tried to kiss Smith on May 18 at the Moscow premiere of the comedy. Smith pushed him away and slapped him with the back of his hand.

Wednesday night, Smith laughed off Jones' remarks, hugging his co-star and calling him "silly." He told Jones what happened in Moscow was "so sad."

As they broke their hug, Jones pretended to slap Smith as they turned to talk to separate reporters.

The rest of the event was a love fest for Josh Brolin, whose portrayal of a younger Agent K was deemed Oscar worthy.

"If Agent K were a real-life person and Josh Brolin gave the portrayal of Agent K that he gave in this movie, he'd be nominated for an Academy Award," said Smith. "It's like people just aren't even going to recognize the level and quality of the acting that he had to do, you know, being this young Tommy Lee Jones. It's just, it's brilliant."

Brolin said he never asked Jones for advice, but watched almost all his old movies and the original 'Men in Black' "probably 50 times."

"I practiced, I talked to myself, I do all the things that makes my family think I'm absolutely insane, but that's my job, you know?" said Brolin.

"Men in Black 3" opens Friday in U.S. and U.K. theaters.

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