Will Smith is at it again with a hot new movie coming to Netflix called Bright. In a world where humans, orcs, and elves are trying to get along, much like different races in modern society, Smith plays an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department who is teamed up with an Orc cop, played by Joel Edgerton, to fight crime in the streets of LA.

The trailer opens on Smith's character, Scott Ward, with a broom beating an evil little fairy like a flying rodent and declaring "Fairy lives don't matter today".  Scott lives in a neighborhood resembling a modern day Compton, only on an alternate Earth where fairies are like pests that get into your bird feeder and other mythical creatures live and work in society just like humans in today's world.

Battling both their own personal differences and an onslaught of enemies, Smith and Edgerton's characters must work together to protect a powerful but deadly wand that in the wrong hands could destroy everything.

Netflix signed a whopping $90 million deal to make the film, including $3 million for the script alone. The film is directed by David Ayer, who also wrote Training Day (2001) and directed Suicide Squad (2016).  Bright is a game changer for Netflix, being it's first tentpole movie, that is predicted to provide a big return for the popular streaming network. Netflix continues to be at odds with traditional exhibitors who expect to capitalize from Bright being on the big screen in theaters.

It's definitely a film to watch. Bright is set to be released on Netflix on December 22, 2017.


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