50 Cent was hospitalized earlier this week, facing stomach surgery after eating a bad hamburger, but kind words from his mentor Eminem helped him push through. "[Eminem] goes, 'Yo Fif, you were shot nine times man if you die over a burger, this shit ain't gonna go right. People ain't gonna be feelin' this,'" 50 Cent shared. [HipHopDX]

MTV2's "Hip Hop Squares," debuts on Tues., May 22, at 11PM ET, featuring Mac Miller, Fat Joe, Machine Gun Kelly, Ghostface Killah, DJ Khaled, Tech N9ne and host Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97. Comedy. [MTV]

Also on the MTV tip, T.I. has revealed that he is still working on collaboration albums with two fellow ATL MCs. "I got a few albums that I'm workin' on: the Man and the Martian project with B.o.B; me and Jeezy been talkin' about doin' this project for a minute. It wouldn't take us long to do," he told MTV. "We got maybe 30 or 40 [percent done]. Between the two of us, we probably got five or six records." [RapFix]

The-Dream doesn't care what the sales on his forthcoming album, Love IV, will be. "I don't care what the sales will be," he tweeted. "I will Leave no Holes in this Album Period, no room to be Hated only Adored or simply just say 'you don't fuck with me' but what U won't say is Dream Album is Mediocre or Sucks." Or that he's humble. [Twitter]

Gucci Mane enlists 2 Chainz on the title track from his forthcoming mixtape, I'm Up, which is out on May 26. Apparently 2 Chainz has a pistol, but his bullets are from a rifle. Hope that works out for him. [Complex]

Here's some classic footage of B.I.G. performing "Get Money" with Jay-Z at Ralph McDaniels' birthday. So ill. [YouTube]

Will Smith was in Moscow to promote his current film, "Men in Black 3," Friday (May 18) when a Ukrainian reporter on the red carpet attempted to get too close to the rapper-turned-actor's mouth as he pulled him in for a hug. See the unexpected action unfold below. [TMZ]

Watch Will Smith Slap a Reporter

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