Last night (Feb. 17), former 'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon began his tenure as the host of the now New York-based 'The Tonight Show.' He didn't miss a beat at all and had a viral hit with his very first episode. Will Smith, his first guest, did a hilarious performance of the 'Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.'

Hip-hop went through a period when dancing became uncool (thanks, Death Row), so a lot of the first few moves are hilariously played out. What's not to love about watching Smith and Fallon in overalls as they overact while performing the Cabbage Patch, the Robot and the Steal the Face (The Swallow It And Throw It Back Up).

The Stanky Legg, the Dougie, and fan favorite the Carlton are also performed with aplomb. These dances probably aren't coming back in style -- except the Carlton, which is always in style -- but they're still a joy to watch.

This clip falls in line with the equally hilarious 'History of Rap' performance with Justin Timberlake and the 'Evolution of Mom Dancing' collaboration with Michelle Obama. With hits like these, late night competitors like Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman have plenty to worry about.

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