Will Smith is taking his box office talent to Netflix. The veteran actor is working on a new film for the popular online streaming service.

According to Variety, Netflix is in talks to acquired Smith’s next movie, a film called Bright. Details on the flick are scarce, but the project is being directed by David Ayer and is inspired by his critically acclaimed cop drama, End of Watch. The movie's storyline is set in a world where imaginary humanlike creatures and fairies co-habitat with real humans.

This will be Smith and Ayer’s third time pairing up, having worked together previously on the football movie, Concussion and the upcoming action flick, Suicide Squad.

There’s no air date set for the film, but the hope is that production will begin this year before Smith starts work on the Suicide Squad sequel in 2017. Speaking of which, Smith will play firearms expert Deadshot in the DC Comics-adapted movie, which hits theaters on Aug. 5.

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