America's favorite pop music satirist, Weird Al, takes on Chamillionaire's 'Ridin',' in his new video which Al says the hip-hopper himself has given the thumbs-up to.

"I've had a little bit of a problem in the past with some of the artists, but Chamillionaire was very cool with it. In fact, he put 'White and Nerdy' on his own MySpace page," Al notes. "He's been saying that I rap really well and that he's really impressed and amazed at how closely I was able to emulate his and Krazie Bone's flow, so it was all very nice to hear."

'White and Nerdy' is just one of the parodies Al drops on his 12th album, 'Straight Outta Lynwood.' In addition to six original tracks, Al works his magic on songs by Green Day, Usher and 'Idol' winner Taylor Hicks. He became fond of thanks to a writing gig.

"I watched every single episode of 'American Idol' because I had an assignment through USA Today [to] give my unbiased opinion," Al says. "At first I was like 'I'm not a fan of reality TV,' but you get sucked in very quickly. After the first show I was like 'Oh gosh! I hope LaToya stays on another week.' You really start to care more than you should as a thinking adult."

As for whether the 'Idol' experience tempted him to try out a reality show of his own, Al says other than an occasional appearance on 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' he'll stick by the "thanks, but no thanks" rule.

"I get asked a lot," he laughs. "In fact they asked me to be on that show 'Celebrity Boxing.' They wanted me to box Chyna from the World Wrestling Federation, and I was like, 'You know what? No!' That's a bad idea on many levels."

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