That's right, it's November. Halloween costumes are 75% off and "Jingle Bell Rock" is on massive rotation in department stores. We aren't entirely sure when this happened because wasn't it just the other day we were parading around in our best tapered denim with a short-sleeve APC sweatshirt? No, wait, that was Kanye. Our bad. While some of you may reside in a place where it's sunny all the time and doesn't hit temperatures in the single digits, not all of us have such luck. Regardless of whether or not you are above or below the equator, we've rounded up the top five pieces this week that you need to cop before it gets too cold to wear loafers sans socks.

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    Bastong No. 003 Jacket

    Bastong No. 003 Jacket

    It'll set you back $600 to look so fly and own this military-inspired beauty, including subtle leather details on both the collar and inside the pockets. This jacket won't weigh you down even though it's durable enough for any cold weather climate. Available now on the Ka-pok webstore.

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    AG Legend Crewneck

    Acapulco Gold "Legend" Crewneck

    We know what you're thinking, that this is "just another crew neck sweater." Well you're half right, this is a crew neck sweater, but it's a heavy weight, Canadian cross-grain fleece crew neck sweater, so it's basically like wrapping your torso in one of those soft Ikea blankets. Pick it up today on the Acapulco Gold online store.

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    Cable Knit High Neck Cardigan by Journal Standard

    Cable Knit High Neck Cardigan by Journal Standard

    Because you can't get your Kinfolk Magazine on without a cable knit. Heavy enough to wear on it's own until January, soft enough to fit comfortably underneath a waxed cotton jacket. Don't let this slip from your mitten-less grasp, available now through the Journal Standard site.

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    Tapered Fit Corduroy Pants by Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

    Tapered Fit Corduroy Pants by Bedwin and The Heartbreakers

    Corduroy pants even your pops would be proud of. Tapered from the knee down to give things a little updated feel, though not tapered enough that you couldn't fit duck-boots underneath. Available in a range of neutral colors, though we're partial to the brown for Fall/Winter 2013. Find them on the Bedwin & The Heartbreakers web-store, which features an easy-to-follow size chart.

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    Sanders "Aintree" Brogue Derby Boot

    Sanders Aintree Brogue Derby Boot

    The kinda stuff dreams are made of, aren't they? Featuring a leather upper with a full leather lining and a leather sole, you'll have to weather-proof the hell out of these boots, but once they're prepared there is no stopping you. The rain/snow/sleet is on it's way, and unlike you in these boots, that can't be stopped. Pick them up here at the Sanders online shop.