Webbie is high off Webbie. The Baton Rouge rapper was in New York City recently to promote the release of his third album, 'Savage Life 3,' set for a Nov. 15 release, and he was a comedian to say the least. While he did his due diligence and spoke about the album, during the interview he also managed to touch on topics including why he didn't want to leave Lil Boosie's side and become a solo artist, the presidency of Barack Obama and why he told a female reporter he was well-endowed. Sometimes -- actually, a lot of times -- Webbie would answer one question, and answer another that wasn't even asked. It made for a comical yet sometimes perplexing interview. Though it was conducted before his current tiff with BET's Terrence J and he couldn't yet address the debacle, the 26-year-old laughed at himself over a few of his other experiences. Maybe that's the secret to the savage life.

Your last album was in 2008. What's life been like since then?

We about the 'Savage Life 3,' Nov. 15. The last album was 'Savage Life 2,' and ya know, it's the different stages of life. A lot of people tell me they liked 'Savage Life,' a lot of people tell me they liked 'Savage Life 2.' The different between the albums was, on 'Savage Life,' I was doing me. On 'Savage Life 2,' I was doing them, not the streets, the people. [The record label] telling me something more commercial, or make a radio song. Now I realized if they want enough, they'll turn it into a radio song. Ain't no such thing as a radio song, so I'm back. 'Savage Life 3,' it's going to be good baby. We scrunched up in one hotel room, man!

How long have you been working on 'Savage Life 3'?

S---t, all my life, ha! Ya feel me? All my life dog. All my whole life. I'm in here with my n----s. Everybody straight, though.

What can fans that have been rocking with you for years expect with this new album?

Me. Me, baby. I tell them I love them, man. Free Boosie, man; he's my brother. Come home. Everything is straight.

Is that something that's always on your mind? Knowing that he's away so you

have to hold it down on the music side?

I know I just gotta do it, I just gotta go. Ain't nothing changed. Just like in regular life, if your partner go to jail in regular life, you can't stop going. It ain't nothing man.

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'Savage Life 2' was released via Atlantic...

Trill, Trill, Trill, that's all I know. Trill Fam baby. I don't get caught up in the rest of that stuff. I'm just living life. I don't know about, 'Aww man, the percentage... That new record on Nickelodeon.' I might wind up on Nickelodeon one day. I'm not telling, though. It's Trill Fam.

Any song on the new album that's your favorite?

All of them [laughs]. I'm telling you. Make sure you put we trippin' out! Yeah man, yeah, all of them. That's why I do them. You don't do nothing like, "I like this one better than that one," "I'ma like this one the most." No, you go, all of them. Then the streets put it back at ya and let you know which one it be.

Like on that first album, 'Ghetto Stories,' me and [Lil] Boosie, we did that one with Pimp C. We thought the song they was going to like was called 'Tattoo' with Pimp C. But the song they ended up liking was a song called 'Do It Big' that I made with Boosie. Then we went back with 'Gangsta Musik,' me and Boosie's second album. The song ended up being 'Give Me That.' That's the song that got us in New York right now. That s--- started everything. They said, "Man, we going to drop you a solo album, man."

Had you been thinking about a solo project?

No! I'm like, "No solo album, keep everything me and Boosie." We started me and Boosie, we need to keep it like that or it's going to start some confusion, man. I feel he'd probably be home right now if they ain't do that. I tell them, "Be ready for my dog, Boosie." And we kept rolling. We here man, 'Savage Life 3.'

How do you deal with the reputation you've been getting as some sort of troublemaker?

Ain't that crazy? I'm the troublemaker but I'm the one who telling the kids this rap stuff is not real man. Don't try to be Boosie, don't try to be Lil Wayne, you can't be me. I done made it through too much. Be you, go to school and get an education, cause this rap life ain't real. Yeah, you might catch me smoking weed, you might catch me f---ing some hoes, [but] I ain't telling the kids to go do that. I think I'm better than a lot of people at [record] labels. They do all kind of s--- behind that curtain. I'm just wide open, though. That's all.

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Did you go into creating this record with a certain concept in mind? Was it always another stage in life, like you said?

Just living life, man. More stuff come in your life, your life change man. It's one, two, three,

four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. I'm different numbers. Life just changes. I ain't change. I'm just living life, man. Look at you, you 10, 11, 12, 13. Now I'm in New York. Now the main

thing going around is I got a big d---.

You set the Internet on fire with that interview. What was that about?

I don't know what the f--- happened. I got a big d---head. You probably don't need to write that on the thing man, people going crazy. They don't know I was just chillin', I was just playing, man. So you probably need to write that on there. They freaky ass be doing all kind of s---. Molesting kids, all kind of shit man. But that's just how life go. But free Boosie, though. Make sure they get that on that bitch. And make sure whoever read that bitch, really look into that situation and see how that boy don't need to be in jail, man. They got a lot of people that need him out here, and they got a crazy system that want him in there. That's why he in there.

As if the cops and courts are out to get him?

They came in my s--- and took a hundred stacks, n----. They came in that bitch, took a n---- to jail with Foxx. Me and Foxx didn't even roll like that. I ain't talking about we beefin', but I didn't know him. They talking about for armed robbery and all this s---. Me and Foxx ain't even that type of people, together. That's just how that s--- go. They told me, "You ain't recording nothing?," when they pulled me over. They talking about they fittin' to shut the Trill fam down man. They told me that, man. They told me that. I went later to my dogs. N----s be thinking I be trippin'. I said, "They pulled me over and they fittin' to shut this bitch down, man." Next thing I know, they went to jail. My two big dogs, they caught them walking out the store. Different places, but they caught them at the same time. I guess so nobody could have time to call each other. They chillin', they got they ankle things on, but everything good.

A n---- still have fun. I think that's what it is. They don't want to see you smile, man. I'm telling you.

So what's next for you?

Album dropping Nov. 15. Shout out to my girls, to my homegirls, I like girls, man. I like girls, girls, girls... [laughs] To the ones who hit me or see me when I come through that bitch doing what I do, that's what I do. To the young ones, you ain't gotta do that. Uh uh. Stay in school. Let's make this happen, let's take over the world. Obama. N----s ain't want to see that man up there, man. I seen Obama running for that s---, I ain't give a f--- what he was saying, I'm going to vote for Obama, man. F--- all that s---. I had to vote. I was telling everybody in that bitch vote. Obama, man, you keep on. We all human. So Obama, man, make it happen, man. Don't be trippin' in that bitch. I'm behind ya n----! I'm pretty sure he got it. I talk to that n----

on the phone, on the real. Life is just life, man. 'Savage Life 3,' Nov. 15.

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