Diddy and French Montana have just released glossy new black and white visuals for "Can't Feel My Face" produced by The Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

The video finds Diddy and French hanging out in an airplane, showing off their chains and of course, drinking lots and lots of Ciroc as the pair brag about not being able to feel their faces, much like The Weeknd.  French's face is covered up a by a white ski mask the entire time, so no one can see his face either.

"Cocaine on the table, I wasn't always able/I watch these nigs get rich all in these f---in' fables/They like to cook the numbers, we don't cook the numbers/We just want the summer, you can have that woman," Diddy raps on the first verse.

French seems to sober up by the end of the song, as he stands in front of a statue of Buddah, still rocking his trusty ski mask.

"Buddha, he say for every day you wake up, you're born again. Sometimes, I gotta, I have you act like you sometimes," he says. "You know this. You act like I don't see nothin'. You know, I act like I'm just numb to the, to the pain 'cause I'm bleedin' on the inside. That's why I do the things I do."

Check out the video above.


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