French Montana is finally seeing the fruit from years of hard lyrical labor and no one could be happier to see it happen than his honorary sibling, Waka Flocka Flame.

After signing a management contract with Mizay Entertainment in 2010 -- Waka's mother, Deb Antney, owns the company -- the Bronx-bred rapper recently inked a record deal with Diddy's Bad Boy Records.

"My thoughts on French Montana signing with Bad Boy?" Waka says. "I think that's amazing. I feel like we made it, 'cause that's my brother. Not like my best friend -- that's my brother. So for him to get signed it's like, we made it. Now it's two of us and not just one. I know Diddy gon' take care of him. I ain't worried about it."

The two artists dropped their collaborative mixtape 'Lockout' on Tuesday (Dec. 13), and Waka says the duo already have four videos completed and ready to go. The Atlanta artist also revealed what fans can expect from the project, which is hosted by DJ Green Lantern and DJ Drama. "The vibe of the tape is 'happy,'" he discloses. "It's a good vibe... It's just... A good vibe. Having fun, flexing, stunting, young, just partying, A-1 vibe."

French Montana and Waka Flocka's mixtape, 'Lockout,' featuring Queens rhymer Prodigy on 'We Mobb,' is available now.

Waka is preparing to release his sophomore effort, 'Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family,' in early 2012.

Watch a Day in the Life of Waka Flocka

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