Tanya Morgan recently joined the HiPNOTT Records roster, but group member Von Pea also announced he'd be releasing a solo album called 'To:You' through his new label home as well. The Brooklyn, NY rapper gives listeners their first taste of the upcoming project by unveiling the lead single 'So East Coast' produced by The Other Guys.

The Other Guys provide Von Pea with a mellow, yet engrossing beat on the new track as Von lets you know why he's "so East Coast." Von explains on the hook that he's got love for all regions, but reiterates that he's repping the East Coast as long as he's around.

Von raps, "Home sweet home run, circling the diamond, 'til the whole team start piling / Studying the craft like class, never have seen the gaslight, Von Pea features earn you another half-mic / Back when The Source was the bible, Quran, I was planning our chance at the title / All gone, disestablish, now it's all survival / You're killing yourself, feeling yourself like the vinyls / Rap fan writing out cat scans over these waves / We don't work for free, s--t we owe it to the slaves / Roll with triple D's, Don, Dan and Dave / No bra puns dog, too easy, I'ma take it back to the essence until I'm on jet with an ebony with hair like the '70s."

Von Pea's 'To:You' album, which was produced entirely by The Other Guys, is currently scheduled to drop on Nov. 25 and can be pre-ordered now on the HiPNOTT Bandcamp page.

Listen to Von Pea's 'So East Coast'