Diddy If you've ever seen Diddy in "spokesman" mode, you'd understand why the hip-hop mogul makes such a good representative for Ciroc vodka. Shameless promotion is one of Sean Combs' favorite strategies, so it's no surprise that he finally went a little too far with one of his comments recently.

Diddy hosted a party at New York City's Greenhouse nightclub earlier this month, where he made one remark that really pissed off the vodka community. "If you're not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you're drinking pee pee," he said. Though the comment was probably intended to be in good humor, liquor tycoon M.J. Silver didn't take it so lightly. Silver, who owns Georgi Argent vodka, announced that he would help to organize a press conference in Times Square on Thursday, March 25, to declare "Vodka War" on Diddy. Silver will be joined by other American vodka brand owners, who will apparently "be putting liters of Ciroc into a large toilet bowl and having it delivered to Diddy's offices near Times Square."

Although the retaliation to Diddy's passing comment seems a little excessive, these guys really mean business. According to a press release issued by the vodka owners, "The recent comments by Diddy has caused outrage by many vodka companies and enthusiasts across the region. The group will be announcing a challenge for the self-proclaimed king and musical artist."

For those who are curious to see this all go down, the protest is scheduled for 2PM on Thursday, March 25, in front of Diddy's larger-than-life Sean John ad on 37th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan.