One year after referencing a double homicide in his song, 'Ride Out,' a Virginia rapper has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Antwain Steward, who goes by the rap name Twain Gotti, was hit with a mandatory sentence of eight years for two use-of-a-firearm charges. In addition, he also received another eight years, this time for a charge of shooting into an occupied dwelling, according to the Daily Press.

In May, the 23-year-old aspiring rapper was acquitted of murdering two people: 20-year-old Brian Dean and 16-year-old Christopher Horton. The two were killed while standing in front of Steward's house. Although the rapper wasn't convicted of a double murder, he was convicted on the other charges associated with the homicides. Apparently Steward and one of the slain men were in rival gangs.

The Newport News, Va., rhymer will be 39 when he gets out of prison, as the prosecution convinced the judge to give him all 16 years and nothing less. However, Steward's defense team asked that he serve just eight years for the two firearms charges.

Robin Farkas, the Commonwealth's Attorney, said that amount of time would be insufficient. "We have two victims that are dead and families that will never be made whole again," she said. "They will suffer for the rest of their lives. Eight years seems rather minor for the damage he has done."

After he was sentenced, Steward revealed plans to appeal his convictions.

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